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Tailored data solutions.

We’re data detectives.

What do you need to know?


Do you have a burning question you need answered?

We can partner with you to develop a strategy and gather the data you need with mobile-friendly online data collection, social media mining and analytics, and even telephone follow-ups.

We have a wealth of experience in research data solutions.

Customer experience and feedback

Employee engagement and wellbeing

Consumer behaviour and community awareness

Academic and social research data collection

Campaign tracking and evaluation

Opinion polling

Interactive dashboards.

Real-time data storytelling.


As a decision maker, you need your data to be easily-digestible, meaningful, and actionable – enabling you to make informed decisions for a positive outcome.

That’s exactly what we deliver with our interactive dashboards.

  • Highlight important facts and figures
  • Visually engaging and easy to use
  • Make evidence-based decisions
  • Tracking the progress of campaigns



dqube-interactive-dashbaords dqube-interactive-dashbaords

Cutting-edge technology.

Reliable, accessible data.


There are many data collection tools available, but choosing the right software has an undeniable impact on the quality, accuracy, and actionability of the insights you gain.

Our feature-rich and secure data collection tools have been used for over 430 million surveys in the last 7 years and deliver excellent results.

  • Works seamlessly on all devices
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.7%
  • Support for over 360 languages
  • Full scalability to meet project needs

Finger on the pulse.

Supercharge your sample.


We can profile across a wide range of criteria and demographics, and providing you with access to the opinions and buying intentions of millions of consumers.

In addition, through the use of social media mining and analytics, we can help you:

  • Reach new audiences for your research
  • Understand and optimise your target demographics’ behaviour
  • Dive deeper and re-engage your target audience



dqube-data-sampling dqube-data-sampling

We’re also committed to safety and security.

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