As a decision maker, you need your data to be easily-digestible, meaningful, and actionable – enabling you to make informed decisions for a positive outcome. That’s exactly what we deliver with our interactive dashboards.


Visually engaging and easy to use, our interactive dashboards take your data to the next level and deliver insights that support all aspects of data storytelling.

Our dashboards:

  • Highlight important facts and figures on a single page (say goodbye to voluminous reports in MS Word!)
  • Offer user self-service capabilities – enabling you to drill down easily and integrate your data
  • Use your data to tell a compelling story, targeted at your specific audience
  • Help you keep on top of your KPIs
  • Enable you to make evidence-based decisions for a positive outcome

Usually implemented in combination with our data collection services, we can use interactive dashboards during data collection for tracking and monitoring the progress of campaigns and / or post collection for data analysis and storytelling.

Cutting-edge technology

Our leading interactive dashboard technology enables the easy creation and deployment of highly-visual, collaborative dashboards. Featuring visually-appealing reports and configurable widgets, our dashboards enable you to:

  • Decide who can access which data for complete control
  • Pinpoint the key drivers of customer / employee satisfaction and highlight areas for improvement
  • Accommodate and report on organisational structures
  • Easily drill down to individual responses to understand the context in which feedback was given
  • Optimise real-time reporting for each user and let them use use Excel® for further analysis or paste charts into PowerPoint®

Delivering the insights you need to make decisions fast, our dashboards feature:

  • Configurable widgets including key trends, key drivers, historical benchmarks, and KPIs
  • A wide variety of metrics including NPS®, Mean, Top / Bottom box
  • Hierarchies based on background variables and survey questions
  • Export to Excel and PDF

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